Wager's Way is a unique, hands-on learning experience where horses are the catalyst that help program participants connect the dots between what they’ve learned through personal assessments and classroom discussions and how that knowledge relates to the way they "show up" in the workplace and elsewhere. ​ Because they are herd animals, horse are quick to assess the participants' intentions and provide positive or negative feedback to the non-verbal communication that is given by the participants during the exercises in the arena.  Learning happens in the moment and is retained long after participants leave Wager's Way.

Pfeiffer & Jones.

Probably the best leadership training I've ever experienced.  -- Leadership Workshop Participant

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Wager's Way Equine Assisted Action Learning

Experiential learning is far more effective in creating lasting change than lecture style of learning.  With horses as co-facilitators, participants gain even greater insight into themselves because horses provide immediate, non-judgmental feedback.  

At every interaction, the horses are asking:  "What is your intention?"

We are dedicated to guiding our clients through a proven process of experiential learning that provides the opportunity to identify challenges and then facilitating discussion to guide the client in finding their own solutions.  This solidifies the learning and creates change.

Some of the Benefits You Will experience at Wager's Way: 

  • Clear insight into the challenges preventing success

  • Better understanding of the importance of communication

  • Different leadership styles and how they impact management of teams

  • Self-awareness

  • The role that strengths play in leadership as well as team function

  • ​How to manage different personalities -- Management to the individual

  • Processes to work through complex problems and gain real solutions

  • The importance of emotional intelligence in all levels of leadership from the front lines to the C-Suite

Why Wager's way?

"Tell me and I will forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I will understand." ~ Chinese proverb