"Getting a different perspective of non-verbal communication."

What did you value most about this experience?

100% of more than 150 participants say they would recommend Wager's Way to others!

"More effective ways of dealing with different personalities."

So we asked them.......

"More than I expected and learned how to deal with differences."

"This was a very rewarding experience and I came away with a different take on leadership."


"That leadership takes more than just thinking leading by example will get it done."

"It was a different way of looking at leadership and really made you stop and think about your actions"

In one sentence, how would you describe your overall impressions of this program and the benefits you received?

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"It was good to see my managers working through problems & gives me more examples to call upon when they need guidance in the workplace."

  • "Reveals individuals' approach when they have to approach something they are not used to."
  • ​​"It is very important to focus on each others strengths to reach your common goal in the most effective way."
  • "​This experience is very humbling to learn with the horses."
  • ​"A chance to see how others dealt w/]the] experience when we were pushed outside comfort zone."
  • "​Very rewarding. I wish more people had an opportunity to do this."
  • ​​"This experience exceeded my expectations and truly gave me applicable lessons to utilize in my community."
  • "​​This program is unique, hands-on, and provides an entirely different perspective on leadership at home, in the workplace & my community."

"I think this program shines a different light on individuality."

"Each individual should be treated differently and despite needing extra management, everyone has a place."