Building 21st Century Teams

To be successful in the new global economy, 21st century teams require more dynamic collaborative skills than in the past - especially with five generations in the workplace.

The Wager's Way Equine Assisted Learning programs help facilitate new perspectives and ideas for teams to develop solutions to help their organizations be successful.

team development

  • Individually designed workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization and the workshop participants. 
  • Pre-workshop assessments help us to determine the exercises that will best target areas of growth and self-awareness for your team.
  • Able to incorporate most human resources assessments into our workshops.
  • Post-workshop report available to integrate workshop results into organizational goals and improve team performance.

What We Do For You

some of the benefits you'll experience 

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building higher performing teams

at all levels ​in your organization!

  • Better understanding of team strengths and how to leverage strengths for improved team performance

  • The importance of effective communication at all levels of the organization and how teams can function better through improved communication

  • The importance of non-verbal body language in communication

  • How to move through the 4 stages of team development: 

    • Forming

    • Storming

    • Norming

    • Performing

  • Identify team challenges and how to become more collaborative when problem solving

  • Increased trust among team members through a shared learning experience