professional development for teachers

Through a specially developed program tailored for the education community, Wager’s Way offers a unique and extraordinarily effective means of helping educators gain a more in-depth understanding of:

  • The 4 Cs;
  • Individual capabilities in utilizing these skills and the ways they do so;
  • Ways to create learning environments that enrich the abilities of students to develop 4 C proficiency, and,
  • Methods of integrating the 4 Cs across the spectrum of the curriculum and in instruction methodology.

The skilled facilitators at Wager’s Way guide participants through activities with the horses, ensuring each participant a safe and positive experience.  The activities are crafted to help educators gain insight into the 4 Cs as well as leadership skills that can be applied directly and immediately in the classroom.  At the conclusion of each activity, the facilitators lead discussion sessions that aid participants in exploring the dimensions of their individual learning experiences and drawing conclusions about the ways these experiences are applicable in the education community.

What We Do For You:

The need to prepare today’s students for the work and life challenges of tomorrow in a global, technology-based economy has driven a fundamental shift in the focus of the learning experience.  More and more educators are moving toward instructional approaches that fuse the traditional 3 Rs of learning with the 4 Cs of:

  • Critical thinking and problem solving;
  • Communications;
  • Collaboration, and,
  • Creativity and innovation.

This shift demands that educators equip themselves with new skills that foster their ability to successfully lead learning experiences focused on helping students develop the complex thinking skills they will need for personal and professional success in the 21st century.  To effectively teach these skills, educators themselves must first master them and expand their ability to incorporate them comprehensively in their learning programs.

Wager’s Way is a ground-breaking means of helping educators meet this challenge.

Teacher Development workshops may be eligible for CEU credits from the Telego Center for Educational Improvement at Ashland University. Contact us for more information.