• Pre-workshop consultation to identify strengths and challenges for leaders.
  • Design workshop exercises specific to addressing  leadership challenges.
  • Provide the opportunity to put leadership theory into action.
  • Facilitate exercises to increase emotional intelligence and apply it to leadership.
  • Help leaders identify obstacles preventing forward movement and develop action steps to facilitate change.

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This program was very effective in delivering the desired outcomes in identifying leadership traits and styles.

- Dan, Leadership Workshop Particpant

Self-Awareness is Key

in Leadership 

According to a report from Hogan Assessments, "The key to designing a program that works in the multi-generational workforce is to base it around individual self-awareness."

Our facilitation process will guide participants to new awareness of their leadership strengths and challenges and then identify solutions to create positive change.

  • Explore individual leadership styles and gain self-awareness
  • Learn the difference between leadership and management
  • Discover strengths and weaknesses as both leaders and team members
  • Expand awareness of personal characteristics that contribute to and detract from effective leadership
  • Understand the impact of various means of communication
  • Reinforce knowledge of the important role that clear communication plays in supporting effective leadership
  • Experience how to manage to the individual and how motivation plays a role