• Learn how to leverage your strengths to enhance leadership in a variety of environments
  • Understand the dynamics of power and how to use it ethically and effectively
  • ​Recognize how intentional influence looks and feels when leading
  • Connect with others on a more subtle level to build trust
  • Gain emotional intelligence to become more effective as a leader
  • Learn how to set clear expectations to get results
  • ​Understand the role that strengths play in how you lead
  • Find your own leadership style and learning how to exercise it to gain buy-in from others
  • Explore personal goals and how to overcome obstacles preventing success

individual coaching

Coaching empowers leaders

Are you moving to a new leadership position but are unsure of whether you're ready?  Are you ready to transition in your career but aren't sure how to make that happen?

Leaders at all levels can benefit from individual coaching at Wager's Way. Our experienced facilitators help guide individuals through a self-awareness process that leads to improved leadership and management skills and more productive team members who will stay with the organization. 

what we do for you

  • Pre-coaching consultation to discuss goals and challenges specific to you as a leader
  • Create exercises designed to help enhance strengths and address challenges
  • ​Provide guidance in setting goals that will lead to better performance
  • Offer StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment to determine individual strengths
  • Optional: Ongoing teleconference coaching to support you in your leadership journey

some of the benefits you'll experience

I learned that just because it's not my way doesn't mean it's the wrong way

Casey, Manager & Leadership Workshop participant





Ready to take your leadership to the

next level

or explore the obstacles holding you back?

Contact us to make an appointment for individual coaching to take you and your organization where you want to go!