Cookie is a Miniature Horse.

She is gifted in helping clients to understand how their intentions can influence the way they communicate as leaders and team members.

Horses provide powerful metaphors for leadership.
-- Paul, C U Lead Facilitator, workshop participant

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Equine Facilitators


Dolly is a Miniature Horse. 

She was the first Mini to join the Wager's Way team.  She may be small in stature, but she has guided many clients to the realization that leading others often involves seeing things from a different perspective.


Gia is a registered Paint Horse.  She loves people and enjoys helping individuals learn about self-awareness.

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Wager is a registered Appendix Quarter Horse.  He is the anchor of the Wager's Way herd and the Wager's Way program.  His wisdom and guidance have helped many clients learn the true definition of leadership through relationship.


Carmel is a Miniature Horse.  He is skilled at picking pockets and he enjoys teaching clients the importance of boundaries.