Consulting for Results

Hiring the wrong consultants for your organization can have a negative impact on your bottom line and overall organizational success.

Our consulting team brings over 50 years of combined experience to help your organization address key issues that are preventing strategic objectives from being achieved.

You have a very good system and vision and work very well together!

-- Angie, Leadership Development Client

some of the benefits to your organization: 

Let us share our experience to help your organization achieve success!

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Sharing our Experience

Ginny and Carole are both entrepreneurs who have also worked in management for many diverse organizations.  We use our experience and knowledge to guide your organization to find solutions that can move it forward.

Having the broad expertise of both Ginny and Carole makes our consulting services more dynamic than having a single consultant perspective.


what we do for you

  • Assessment of goals and challenges preventing strategic goals from being met
  • Provide direction and facilitation for strategic planning
  • Conduct comprehensive audit of internal (employees) and external (vendors, customers, public) communication systems to identify areas for improvement
  • Support for public relations strategy
  • Provide management consulting in person, online or via conference call
  • Create training programs for management, public relations and communications teams
  • Business development coaching
  • Creation of comprehensive strategic plan to meet organizational goals
  • Identification of organizational challenges and action steps to create solutions
  • Increased employee engagement through targeted strategic planning and improved communication systems (both internal and external)
  • Stronger leadership and management skills (through coaching) that are relationship focused
  • ​Individualized solutions based on your organization's specific challenges
  • ​Consultants focused on providing outstanding results for your organization