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"I don't know exactly when I figured it out, but somewhere along the way, Wager helped me realize that I was capable of so much more.  

At first I didn't understand.  But he kept insisting -

so I listened. And then everything changed."

-- Ginny Telego - President and Founder of Wager's Way

My Story....

I've been drawn to horses for as long as I can remember. They kept me connected to my father after his death when I was 13 years old and a pony named Chief probably saved my life as a teenager. 

My mother and family were sure it was "just a phase...."

The concept for Wager's Way began as a dream in 1995 - Wager wasn't even born.  As I was taking my own journey of personal development and working in the corporate world, I realized that horses could have a profound effect way beyond just teaching people to ride.  After many years of training to hone my facilitation skills in equine assisted learning, I assembled a team of co-facilitators - both horse and human -- and found the perfect place to launch a venture aimed at guiding people through seismic journeys of self-discovery and changing how organizations are led.  Wager's Way became a reality in 2009.

Wager's Way now offers professional development programs for businesses, non-profits and individuals. By helping people learn about their strengths and the strengths of those around them, leaders and their teams can be inspired to work together more effectively which ultimately benefits organizations as well as the community around them.

I also have the privilege of working with area agencies to provide equine assisted learning for at-risk youth.  Meeting people wherever they are on life's journey - personally and professionally - is our mission.  And my Wager's Way team inspires me to work to have a positive impact in the the world every day.

Come along with us.  The journey will be more than you can imagine.

- Ginny & Wager