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We believe that leaders are everywhere, not just those with the title of CEO or President. Wager's Way provides individuals and organizations the opportunity to grow and move forward while creating lasting change.

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"We must choose to actively participate in developing the skills necessary to achieve what we are seeking." 

- from Equine Experiential Education Association (E3A)

"The experience I had with Wager's Way was more than I expected and came at a very critical time to boost my confidence to move the organization forward." 
-- Mary Brady, Executive Director, The Economic Club of Washington, D.C.

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Wager's Way is a unique, hands-on learning experience where horses are the catalyst that help program participants connect the dots between what they’ve learned through personal assessments and classroom discussions and how that knowledge relates to the way they "show up" in the workplace and elsewhere. ​ Because they are herd animals, horse are quick to assess the participants' intentions and provide positive or negative feedback to the non-verbal communication that is given by the participants during the exercises in the arena.  Learning happens in the moment and is retained long after participants leave Wager's Way.

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Our professional facilitators will guide you and your team through the learning experience in a way that identifies strengths and challenges and solidifies learning.

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